Logical Approach to Fault Finding

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
    • Six Basic Steps.
    • Collection of Evidence.
    • Analysis of Evidence.
    • Location of Fault.
    • Determination and Removal of Cause.
    • Rectification of the Fault.
    • Checking the System.
  • Terminology
    • Symptom.
    • Fault.
    • Cause.
    • Fault Location.
    • Fault Diagnosis.
  • Fault Finding Patterns
    • Fault Rectification System.
    • Pattern of Fault Location.
  • Systematic Fault Location Techniques
    • Concepts.
    • Procedures.
    • Application.
  • Fault Diagnosis
    • Reasons.
    • Questions.
  • Fault Rectification
    • Considerations.
  • System Checking
  • Applications and Examples of a Logical Approach to Fault Finding (LAFF)
  • Glossary of Terms

Dates available on request.

Course Content

To provide the candidate with a knowledge of procedures for the logical approach to fault finding and diagnosis.

Ideally suited to all engineering and operations personnel who are involved in the day-to-day running of a process plant.

The course is of two days in duration.

Optimum Number:
Maximum of 6 delegates per course

Training Aids:
OHP, information handouts and practical exercises.




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