ECITB Instrumentation Training

Course Aim

To increase the knowledge and skills of technicians, be they instrument or process, in recognising the cause and effect of poor instrumentation performance arising from human factor interventions, environmental conditions, or calibration drift due to bottlenecks.


Course Duration

Initially the course can be delivered over 5 days (or longer if required) but there is also further scope/expectation (that should a customer require or request it) for Roxby Training Solutions to undertake further training/mentoring of candidates in their workplace.  Suitable time/cost for this can be discussed with customers if this is of particular interest.


Course Suitability

The course has a bias toward process safety, human factor performance & the human factor need for safe, efficient and cost-effective delivery and maintenance of field instrumentation in top and lower tier COMAH sites & offshore installations (PFEER 1995).  Ideally, candidates should have some prior knowledge or some working familiarity of instrumentation & control systems.  Although there is an expectation that many candidates will be relatively new to this particular field. 


Optimum Number of Candidates

A maximum number of 6 delegates per course.


Prior Health & Safety Knowledge

It is recommended at the time of booking that candidates provide copies of any previous relevant site safety training course qualifications, such as 'Site Safety Passport' or 'IOSH Managing Safely.' This confirmation of prior safety learning, along with training during this ECITB course and a short assessment, will allow candidates to obtain mandatory training standard CO02, and move quickly on to the further instrumentation training units I&C04, I&C13 and I&C15.


ECITB Training Certification

Upon successful completion of the training course, practicals and theory questions, candidates will receive 4 x ECITB TRAINING certificates for the ECITB training standards mentioned below.


Course Training Standards

CO 02 - Work Safely & Minimize Risk

Understanding H&S legislation

Safe Working Practices & Procedures

Understanding Personal & Site Safety and Responsibility

First Aid & Evacuation Procedures

Contignecy Documentation & Reporting Systems

Reporting Lines & Procedures


I&C 04 - Adjust Instrument & Control Systems to Meet Operating Requirements

Work Area Preparation

Adjusting Instrument & Control Systems 

Resulting Actions Following Adjustments

Understanding Tools, Terminology, Techniques and Practices

Electricity at Work Regulations


I&C 13 - Test the Performance and Conditioning of Instrument & Control Systems

Work Area Preparation

Additional Tools & Equipment

Test the Performance and Condition of Instrument Control Systems

Resulting Actions Following Testing

Reading Assessment


I&C 15 - Diagnose and Determine the Causes of Faults in Instrument & Control Systems

Work Area Preparation

Equipment Types

Diagnose & Determine the Cause of Faults

Reinstate / Restart Requirements



For further information on the course: e.g. exact details on topics & practicals included, additional options for further onsite training after the course, or if you have any other questions - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on tel. 01642 438700 / 01469 552853.




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