Principles of COSHH

Course Content

The course is aimed to give the delegates an understanding of the control, storage and use of substances hazardous to health.

No prior knowledge of safety legislation is required, although some knowledge may be advantageous.

The course will be on one day's duration and can be conducted at Roxby Training's premises or the clients' premises.

Optimum Number:
The optimum number of persons on this course will be six.

Training Aids:
Use will be made of lecture notes, audio-visual presentation and discussion.

Course Syllabus

Introduction of to chemical awareness and control

Nature of chemicals

  • Nomenclature
  • Names of chemicals
  • Reactivity
  • Types of chemicals encountered
  • Properties


Hazardous properties

  • Who knows
  • Who must know
  • Legislation


Occupational exposure standards

  • OEL
  • MEL
  • EH40


Categorisation of danger

  • Chip regulations
  • Symbols and warnings
  • Risk and safety phrases


Health & Safety information

  • MSDS
  • COSHH and risk assessments
  • Legislation

Safe systems of work

  • Extraction and engineering
  • Action for simple exposure


Storage / Spillages

  • Small scale
  • Major emergencies

Dates available on request.



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