Hazardous Areas & Intrinsic Safety

Course Syllabus

  • Definition of Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2
  • Details of flammable materials
  • Explosive limits of vapours and gases
  • Flashpoint
  • Ignition temperature
  • Temperature classification and surface temperature relationship
  • Apparatus grouping: Group 1, Group IIA, Group IIB, Group IIC
  • Protection Types
  • Instrinsic Safety
  • Flameproof d
  • Pressurised purge p
  • Increased safety e
  • Special protection s
  • Oil filled o
  • Powder filled q
  • Encapsulation m
  • Type of protection n
  • Proposed ATAX 100 directive
  • Making requirements for apparatus
  • Identification of type of protection
  • Ingress protection code
  • IS apparatus fundamental requirements
  • IS certificates
  • Identification codes
  • Use of zenner systems
  • Opto-isolater systems
  • Conformity of loop to drawings
  • Reporting and recording of faults

Course Objectives

  • Define zones under area classification
  • Be aware of area classification procedures
  • Understand causes of fire or explosion
  • Understand temperature classification
  • Be aware of apparatus grouping
  • Understand types of protection
  • Recognise making of equipment
  • Dates available on request.

Course Content

To introduce the trainee to the British Standards related to electrical appartus used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The delegate should be of Electrical or Instrumentation background, or have an understanding of one of them.

The course is of 2 days duration.

The maximum number of delegates is 6.

Video, Handouts, PowerPoint.





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