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People are the most important asset for any business.  Their skills and efficiency have an enormous impact on the competitiveness and profitibility of the company in general.  Maximising workforce competence and performance through effective, professional training is therefore an essential factor in achieving success.

Few companies have the time, resources and specific skills to handle their own training.  The cost-effective solution is to enlist the help of a specialist training company.  There are of course many such organisations in the market place and standards and experience vary enormously, so the choice of training provider is a very big decision to make.

Why should Roxby Training Solutions be your chosen training provider?  We have a successful track record, first class facilities, excellent accreditation, quality instructors and an extensive range of course to meet widely varying needs.

For more than 40 years the name Roxby has been synonymous with instrumentation, measurement and control.  Throughout this period the company has training thousands of apprentices, technicians and engineers to understand and apply the ever-increasing developments of technology within the field of engineering.  The decision to develop the training centre was taken when Roxby Training Limited was formed in 2001, introducing a centre that provided instrumentation, electrical and electronic engineering training. 

Following new ownership in 2010, a new name of Roxby Training Solutions Ltd was introduced, leading to the development of Mechanical and Health & Safety raining.  The owners have invested in new and additional facilities, equipment and development supporting Roxby's continued growth both nationally and internationally. 

Our instructional staff have over 140 years industrial experience between them, specialising in CompEx Hazardous Areas and Instrumentation training.

All courses are taught in English, but available in other languages where required.



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